Briefly introduce your experience.

Since I started using the internet in 1998, I initially used ASP, which could achieve interactive functionality. At that time, I thought it was amazing and I searched everywhere for free hosting, both domestic and foreign. Most of my time online was spent searching for free resources because they often became unavailable, and I made many friends through this process...

At that time, my online nickname was "guyifei," "yiyezhiqu," "pangzi." I wonder if anyone still remembers me?

After a while, PHP and CSS became popular, but I still persisted with ASP for some time. Eventually, I couldn't resist the trend and embraced PHP. In 2000, I took a break from the internet for a while, and in 2006, when I started working, PHP also fell under the wave. ASP.NET, Java, and other technologies became popular, but I never delved deep into them.

Once I started working and had some funds, I began building my own server. I had to adapt various software and set up the environment. I was tired of the lack of free resources, so I started researching on my own. I used my home computer as a server, but with limited funds, my old computer couldn't handle the workload, and it kept crashing. 😓 After getting married, I saved up money and finally got a second-hand server. I was excited to start researching.

But hey, I was too optimistic. Setting up my own server was even more challenging. 😆 There were issues with networking, IP addresses, environment setup, and protection against attacks. The most frustrating part was that some software had specific installation sequences and hardware requirements. If you didn't follow the standards, it would just crash on you. 😭 There were conflicts between different software, and everything kept crashing. During this time, I learned various methods for installing different systems. Yes, you read that right, all kinds of combinations.

During this period, I came across all-in-one routers, Docker, and started building my own memo using the WordPress blog system. The personal broadband access speed was too slow.

During the special period from 2020 to 2023, things calmed down for a while. Recently, I came across the Hexo framework with the Next theme for blogs, and I fell in love with it. I wanted to use WordPress with the Next theme, but I realized it would require a lot of work.

Then, I created I wrote about the problems I encountered during the setup on that website.

Later, I discovered web3, which I found quite fascinating, so I created this blog. I found it very convenient to use and could easily change the page style to meet my personal requirements. And Xlog keeps growing.

Moreover, while using Xlog, I learned many new things that I had never encountered before.

The main reason I decided to stay with Xlog was the patient answers from @diygod. He is not arrogant and explains things clearly with enough patience. He doesn't brush off or become impatient with "common knowledge" questions.

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