QtScrcpy is a free screen mirroring tool for smartphones.

QtScrcpy, it is a free phone screen projection tool. 😊

QtScrcpy: The Ultimate Tool for Controlling Android Phones with a Computer#

Have you ever had the need to operate your phone on a computer or view its content on a large screen? If you have, then QtScrcpy is your best choice. QtScrcpy is a software based on the open-source project Scrcpy, which allows you to connect and control Android devices through USB or network connection. It does not require root permission or any installation on the phone. It supports the three major desktop platforms: Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

Features of QtScrcpy#

QtScrcpy has the following features that make it the ultimate tool for phone screen projection and control:

  • Exquisite: It only displays the device screen without any unnecessary interface.
  • Performance: It achieves a frame rate of 30-60fps, providing smooth and lag-free experience.
  • Quality: It supports resolutions of 1920x1080 and above, delivering clear visuals.
  • Low latency: When connected via USB, the latency can be as low as 35ms.
  • Multi-touch: It supports multi-touch simulation using a mouse on the computer.
  • Key mapping: It supports custom key mapping on Windows, making it convenient for gaming.
  • Multi-device connection: It supports simultaneous connection of multiple Android devices, displaying and controlling them in split-screen mode.

Below are some screenshots of QtScrcpy:

QtScrcpy Main Interface

QtScrcpy Key Mapping

How to Use QtScrcpy#

To use QtScrcpy, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Download and install QtScrcpy software, which can be obtained from GitHub or Gitee for the latest version.
  2. Open QtScrcpy software, select Chinese as the language, and set the screen projection parameters, such as resolution and bitrate.
  3. Connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable and enable USB debugging mode.
  4. Click the "Start" button and wait a few seconds to see the phone screen appearing on the computer.
  5. You can use the mouse and keyboard to operate the phone or click the "Settings" button to adjust screen projection parameters or set key mapping.
  6. If you want to connect multiple devices, you can click the "Add Device" button to add new devices and choose different window layouts for split-screen display.

Advantages of QtScrcpy#

Compared to other phone screen projection and control software, QtScrcpy has the following advantages:

  • Free and open-source: QtScrcpy is completely free without any ads or watermarks. It is also an open-source software, and you can view its source code on GitHub or Gitee and participate in its development.
  • Cross-platform: QtScrcpy supports the three major desktop platforms: Windows, MacOS, and Linux, allowing you to use it on any computer.
  • Easy to use: QtScrcpy does not require root permission or any installation on the phone. You just need to connect your phone and computer via USB or network to easily project and control the screen.
  • Powerful features: QtScrcpy not only supports screen projection and control but also offers features such as custom key mapping, multi-touch support, multi-device connection, split-screen display, and screen recording.
  • Excellent performance: QtScrcpy provides high frame rates, high resolutions, and low latency, allowing you to enjoy the visuals and operations of your phone on the computer.


QtScrcpy is a free phone screen projection tool that allows you to operate and control Android phones on a computer. It features an exquisite design, excellent performance, high quality, and low latency. It also supports multi-touch, key mapping, and multi-device connection. QtScrcpy is a cross-platform open-source software that can be used on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. If you want to play mobile games on a computer or view phone content on a large screen, QtScrcpy is your best choice.

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