Building AI from Start to Give Up

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AI is now booming, with various types available.
There are many open source projects on Github that allow you to have your own AI.
The blogger wants to train their own model, have their own AI, use their own library, integrate their own resources, and no longer repeat downloading software or searching repeatedly. In the final analysis, it is to build their own intelligent assistant.
So, the blogger needs to build it with their own hardware.

Introduction to the blogger's hardware#

The blogger has always thought that their hardware is abundant.
The blogger has a server
Dual CPU, 12 cores, 24 threads, 64GB memory
Looks impressive 🙃
Looking at the model x5650 ddr3
This server was bought second-hand by the blogger. It is said to have been taken off the shelves of a large company's data center and has been with the blogger for 7 years.
When the server arrived, the blogger was very excited and thought they could do whatever they wanted, and implement any program functionality they were interested in.
Reality proved that the blogger was thinking too much!

Why the sentiment#

Since running passwords years ago, the blogger has known that even if the CPU is powerful, it will be replaced by the GPU in the field of simple calculations. Indeed, for AI projects, running passwords, and other repetitive calculations, the efficiency of the GPU is higher than that of the CPU.
Observant netizens can tell from the above data that the blogger does not have a GPU computing card.
So, using the CPU to run the code, the blogger built an AI that is praised as a brain-damaged AI by himself, and the blogger gave up.


  1. If you are not a hardware enthusiast, it is recommended to play with the web AI shared by others.
  2. Don't blindly consume, most of the AI built online are free, just play with them.
  3. Training AI models can only rely on luck, it's very mystical. Large companies spend tens of millions or even billions on training costs. If you build it yourself, it's just an intelligent index.
  4. Giving up won't make you lose hair 😅
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