zeabur native Chinese support for Github login

Recommend using Zeabur to deploy GitHub projects

Native Chinese support
Chinese documentation:

  • Both Vercel and Netlify free subdomains are polluted
  • It's relatively troublesome to use them in English
  • Zeabur has native Chinese support



All-in-one integration
Zeabur provides powerful all-in-one integration capabilities.

You can deploy front-end, back-end, databases, message queues, object storage, and other services in a single project without the need to deploy them separately on different platforms.

Supports Chinese with Chinese introduction#

Deployable databases#


Free provision of $5 resources for personal websites#

Zeabur offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model for your projects. You won't receive any bills for unused resources.

Instead, Zeabur charges based on the actual usage of vCPU and memory resources per minute.

Service rates#

Zeabur calculates usage fees based on the following formula:

Total service time (in minutes) x (Memory usage (in GB) + vCPU usage (in cores))

And the usage rates are as follows:

  • Memory - US$0.00023 / GB-minute
  • vCPU - US$0.0005 / vCPU-minute

There is no minimum fee for the service. If your service doesn't use any resources or crashes, you won't be charged any fees.

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